Situated 4 hours from Durban and 6 hours from Johannesburg, you can enter through either the Kosi Bay border post (15 Km’s from us), Swaziland, or the Lebombo border post at Komatipoort.
A border transfer service from the Kosi Bay Border is also offered for those who do not have a 4×4 vehicle.

Detailed Driving directions are provided below.

Ponta Malongane – From GAUTENG via KZN

From Pretoria/Johannesburg drive to Witbank – 112 Km’s (S25.89561°, E029.25282°)
From Witbank drive to Middelburg. Take the 3rd off-ramp after the tollgate – 141 Km’s (S25.8243°, E029.52767°)
Turn right to Hendrina – 184 Km’s (S26.17293°, E029.72121°)
Straight through to Ermelo – 232 Km’s (S26.51698°, E029.98431°)
From Ermelo take the N2 to Piet Retief – 330 Km’s (S27.00439°, E030.79468°)
Continue to Pongola – 430 Km’s (S27.38342°, E031.62415°)
Continue on N2. Turn left to Jozini – 482 Km’s (S27.54277°, E031.97897°)
Through Jozini, keep left over dam wall – 500 Km’s (S27.42503°, E032.07366°)
At T-junction turn right – 537 Km’s (S27.09919°, E032.15900°)
Follow the road to Manguzi/Kwangwanasi – 603 Km’s (S26.98895°, E032.75589°)
Straight to Kosi Bay border post – 618 Km’s (S26.86427°, E032.82940°)
To Malongane (sand road) – 632 Km’s (S26.79591°, E032.89114°)

Ponta Malongane – From Nelspruit via KZN

Follow the R40 to Barberton.
Just before Barberton turn right onto the R40 (to Badplaas).
Just before Badplaas turn left onto the R541 towards Lochiel/Mbabane.
Follow the R541 until it ends into the N17. Turn right (left will take you to Mbabane)
Follow the N17 for 31km and turn left onto the R33.
Follow the R33 for 15km. You will get to a T junction.
Turn right onto the road (still the R33).
Follow the R33 to Amsterdam.
Travel through Amsterdam to Piet Retief.
In Piet Retief take the N2 to Pongola and follow the directions for entry through Kwazulu Natal to the Kosi Bay border post.

Ponta Malongane – From Nelspruit via Komatipoort and Mozambique

(The route via Mozambique is full of adventure and surprises. It requires a basic level of driver skill and will teach you valuable 4×4 driving skills in soft sand and sometimes slippery dirt roads).

Take the N4 from Nelspruit (S25 28.189 E30 59.082) to Komatipoort.

Travel to the Lebombo border post (S25 26.500 E31 59.082).

You can stop for refueling at the Sasol garage on the right hand side a few kilometers before the border or the BP garage and shopping centre about 1.5km’s before the border post on your left hand side.
You can also buy Meticais here from an official dealer. (It is “illegal” to buy Meticais from the woman next to the road, but sometimes it is the only available source. Always enquire about the forex rate before buying).
At the Lebombo post expect to be stopped for a vehicle check.
Have your license or registration papers handy.
First fetch your vehicle import documents from the customs department.
Complete the form (also enter details of laptops and expensive electronic equipment).
Complete the loose entry slip with the number of passengers and vehicle details.
Take the forms back to customs for stamping.
Take your passports and entry forms to passport control.
Once you are finished, drive carefully to the Mozambique entry point.
Before leaving the South African side you will be requested to hand over the loose entry slip.
Stop at the entry to Mozambique and the customs official will write your registration number and number of people on a slip. Obtain this slip and travel to the office building.
A third party license will be needed from one of the official dealers on the left hand side (R150 motor vehicles, R80 boats) and you can proceed to the main building.
People like to push in the queues here, you do not want to spend the whole day at the back of a row.
Proceed to the left hand side of the room and hand your import vehicle papers to the official. Pay him R10 in ZAR or 30 Meticais (they rarely have any change).
Then proceed to passport control.
Pay R17 in rands or Meticais per passport (again, make sure you have correct amounts). If your passport does not have many pages left politely beg the customs official to paste the entry stamp on a used page.
Go to the outside of the building and look for a customs official. Give your check in slip to him and open your boot. He will do an inspection and may ask you to pack out. Now is the time to be friendly, unless you want to unpack your whole car. On busy days you may find the border post chaotic with trucks, cars and pedestrians all fighting to get out. Plan your exit route carefully and be cautious of other vehicles.
Hand over your slip at the gate and you are on your way to adventure.

Travel on the N4 via the Toll road (Rands, Dollars and Meticais accepted). About 10 kilometers after the toll road you will get the Boane off ramp (S25 33.193 E32 04.710). Turn left off the highway and immediately right over the bridge. You are on your way to Boane.

Stick to 80 Km/h maximum as the tar road is treacherous and full of hidden potholes that can cause damage. Keep on straight until you get to Boane. (Do not turn right at the T junction before Boane, leading to Namaache, Swaziland, unless you want to go back to Swaziland). Travel into Boane and turn right (S26 02.565 E32 19.880) at the T-junction from right. (Soccer/parade field on left).

Turn right and travel straight. Travel over the low water bridge. Travel for about 1.5 Km’s and turn left off the tar road onto a dirt road (S26 02.566 E32 19.930). The dirt road is on a wide corner and can easily be missed the first time. The next 50 odd kilometers are the worse part of the road. The road is not in a good condition. Be careful for sand edges and keep your speed down to 80 Km/h max. In the rainy season this road becomes slippery and must be carefully approached. Many skilled drivers have overturned their vehicles here when the road was wet and they skidded of the road.

Travel until you get to a T junction. Turn right onto a good tar road leading to Bella Vista (S26 19.596 E32 39.641). You will see the most beautiful fever trees next to the road. Travel past Bella Vista on the left hand side. As the crow flies you are now 27 Km’s from the sea, although it will take you another few hours before your first glimpse.

The road is getting really interesting now. You will be stopped at Salamanga by a customs official. Use the phrase “Non falla Portuguese”, smile friendly and say Ponta Malongane Tourist when asked. Just travel straight through the Elephant reserve (S26 31.788 E32 43.2339). In the reserve you will get to a T-junction. Turn right. Remember when you come back the same way to turn left here.

Keep on traveling. You will get to grasslands and the road will become seriously challenging. Drop your tyre pressure to anything between 1.8 and 2.2 bars, depending on how brave you feel. You may find traffic in the same direction on the same path as you. Make sure that if you stop to make way that it is on a hard patch and preferably a bit downhill. You will also find sometimes more than one sand road to take. All roads here go to the same place. Play the lotto and choose the one looking the best to you. (You will be wrong anyway and ended up struggling through deep sand while old bakkies packed with smiling Mozambicans will whisk pass you on one of the other adjacent roads). Be careful in the rainy season for large water holes in the road, as they may be deeper than expected.

The small sand road ends in a road leading to Zitundu, a small town close to Ponta Malongane. Turn left here (S26 38.588 E32 46.4079) on the tar road and travel east. This is generously called a tar road, travel at 60km/h and be very careful of small children.

Travel until you get to the next way point. This is the most difficult part of the route as you have to turn right (S26 44.060 E32 52.758) off the tar road into the field. This is just past the Vleiland.

Travel slowly along the small road. The road is small and you may get stuck face on with other vehicles without being able to move out of the way. This is the time to engage diff lock if you are in trouble. Follow any one of the numerous sand roads until you get to a few stalls shelling curios and artifacts. Turn left here (S26 47.172 E32 53.124).

Travel for another kilometer or so until you get to Malongane Beach Resort (S26 47.390 E32 53.272 OR 26º 47’23.31”S 32º 53’16.27”E). Well done!!!

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