The coastline of Southern Mozambique is very lucky to have a myriad of both hard and soft corals, to be home to a vast number of both reef and game fish, ‘tame’ potato bass, dolphins, whales, turtles, rays, hammerheads and even Zambezi sharks!

Due to a civil war in Mozambique, our coral reefs have remained largely untouched for almost two decades. In this time the already astounding reefs have further flourished and are some of the most memorable scuba diving areas in the whole of Southern Africa.

When you arrive our staff will show you the facilities, show you some fridge space in the communal kitchen and brief you on the necessities. All our Dive Camp staff are very friendly, so if you have any questions about diving or the Dive Camp do not hesitate to ask!


The selection of watersport activities we provide at Malongane Beach Resort are all run from the dive centre which is located at the Southern end of the resort at the dive camp. Perfectly situated a mere 30 meters from the beach with a sunset bar looking over the beach, our dive camp is completed with self-catering kitchen, braai area, a benched dining area, small pool for beginner scuba courses, a medical room (and first aider), kitting up decks and our compressor station capable of 232Bar air refills.

Dive planning is at the dive centre every evening at 5pm. You must attend the night before you are planning to dive. Dive planning can only be completed by our dive team staff. In your dive planning meeting you can discuss with the dive master which reef you will be exploring, launch time and who will accompany you.

Please remember to bring your valid C-Card and log book with you as you will be unable to dive without it.
All dives confirmed during dive planning will be charged for even if you do not attend the dive.


We beach launch in to the surf from as early as 06H00. Our boats are fully equipped Buccaneer or Rubber Duck Boats complete with safety equipment, qualified dive master and skipper.

45-60 minutes before launch time we have time to discuss any last minute questions about the dive, assembling equipment and suiting up. Our dive team will load all assembled weights and hard gear on the boat, all you will need to carry on with you are your masks and fins.
Please note: You will need to complete an indemnity form before diving

Before launch your dive master will present the dive briefing on the beach, please pay attention, this is the last chance for any final questions e.g. dive procedures or on the dive itself. When the dive master is convinced that everyone is happy and ready to get going it is time to push the boat in the water. Please try and keep the boat steady, hold on! Listen to your skipper as he will signal when it is time to climb on.


After each dive all used equipment is washed by our staff and stored at the dive camp, ready for the next dive.

Emergency oxygen is available at the Dive Camp and on all our boats.