Q1. When is the best time to go fishing?

September to May is the best time for fishing here at Ponta Malongane, the types of fish are seasonal but you can catch Kakaap all year round. The warmer the water, the more fish you have a chance of catching and during this time there is a warmer current closer to the shore meaning you don’t have to go deep sea fishing to find good shoals. Previous fishermen have caught Wahoo, Couta and kingfish in this period. Can’t be here then? Our winter fishing is still good compared to some other fishing spots in South Africa, the only difference is you have to go into deeper waters to find the warm currents. The best fish to catch in Winter are tuna and sail-fish.


Q2. What marine life can we expect to see at Malongane?

Lots. In winter the (Humpback and Southern Right)whales migrate to the south and pass by our shores. They are so close to shore infact that you can see them from our beach bar. We have seen Whale Sharks throughout the year and of course our resident Bottle Nose Dolphins are frequent sightings no matter what the season is. From October to December we are proud to be a nesting ground to Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles. On one of our reefs (Pinnacle) we have a vast numbers of hammerhead sharks and even Zambezi Sharks in the summer months. Our sharks swim in numbers of up to 120! Pinnacle is one of our deepest reef and is for advanced divers only.


Q3. What is the weather like?

Please bear in mind this is just a rough guide. January-February: This is our hottest time of year with temperatures in the 30c’s. It stays warm at night as well. March-May: The calmest time of year, there is nearly no wind, the temperatures stay in the mid to late 20c’s and it is warm but not hot at night. June-September:Our coldest (and windiest) season, night temperatures tend to drop below 20c leaving us with cool mornings. But this is Mozambique, it is still much warmer than winter in the Highveld! October-November Our rainy season, nice and warm but a little humid. Don’t let it put you off though, the ocean is perfect to cool off in and it is not humid underwater on our reefs! Of course lots of rain makes our spring flowers bright and colourful. December: The same as January-February. With a bit more festivity.


Q4. Can we use credit cards in the resort?

We do have credit card facilities in the resort at the Dive Centre and the admin office next to the restaurant.
Please note: We are only able to accept Maestro, Mastercard and Visa.

The last ATM before the Kosi Bay border is in Manguzi, 25km from the resort, you can use the ATM at the bank in Ponta do Ouro but currency is Metical.


Q5. What can I buy at the resort?

We have a small shop which stocks basic necessities such as freshly baked bread, long-life milk, margarine, cool drinks, sweets, rice, ice etc. Please note: the shop does not sell meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. But some of these items can be bought at the market in Ponta D’Oura and in the stalls outside the resrt.


Q6. How do I pay my booking?

All payments to be made to;

Malongane Reservations
FNB Mtubatuba
Business account
Account number 624 9405 1049


Q7. What do I need to pay at the border?

You will need to pay approximately R230 per vehicle for the compulsory third party insurance that allows you to drive in Mozambique.This is valid for 30 days. The third party insurance is extremely important so make sure that you obtain it.


Q8. What can I bring over the border?

Any meat must be vacuum packed and is at the discretion of the border officials. There are limits for different types of alcohol. You can contact the Kosi Bay border to get more details on the above. +27 (0)35 592 9181


Q9. What types of activities do we have in the resort?

Our most popular activities are diving, Ocean Safaris (dolphin trips) snorkeling – both from the shore and off the boat, fishing and birdwatching. But throughout the year we have different events as well including music festivals!


Q10. What documents are required at the border if we bring our boats, quad bikes, jet skies, etc?

You will need the registration papers (original or certified copies) for the above, including any trailers. Licence papers are usually accepted accepted.


Q11. Do we still need visas?

Do not forget your passport!
South African passport holders do not need to obtain a visa in order to cross the border. All other passport holders will require a visa in order to enter Mozambique.


Q12. What currency do you need in the resort?

South African Rand, US$ and Meticais are all accepted currencies at the Malongane Beach Resort. The basic currency is Rand, the resort applies its own exchange rate (according to the bank rate at the time) for US$ and Meticais, which in general is changed every week. Please ensure you bring sufficient cash for the duration of your stay.


Q13. What must I pack?

You will need a 4×4 / off road vehicle to get here. Don’t own a 4×4? There is a safe parking facility available and you can then be transported to the resort using our border pick up service. Please note: This must be arranged before arrival.

  1. If you are bringing a boat, jet-ski’s, quad bike, trailer etc you will need all registration papers (original or certified copies) before you will be allowed to cross the border.
  2. Payment at the resort is in US Dollars, SA Rands or Mozambican Meticais. Any prices in the resort include 17% I.V.A. (VAT). Please note: The resort has no credit card facilities so you will need to bring cash with you.
  3. It is a malaria area, so please beware and take the appropriate precautions.
  4. Medical Aid Kit. Please bring your own first aid kit. There is a small clinic in Ponta D’Oura, but the nearest hospital in situated in Manguzi, South Africa which is approximately 15-20km from the Kosi Bay border.
  5. The sand can be very soft on the way to the resort, please bring appropriate equipment in case you get stuck, e.g. tow rope, hi-lift jack, sand ladders/tracks etc.


Q14. What services do we offer?

Check-in/outs. Check in is from 14H00 and check out is by 10H00 on the day of departure. Early check out (before 07H00) is, please make arrangements with the reception the day before departure. The resort requires a key deposit of R150 on arrival at the resort. Key deposits will be refunded on departure only after the resort housekeeping team has checked your accommodation and signed the back of your slip. You will need to present this slip to the reception in order to check out.

Housekeeping. All accommodation (excluding deck tents, log huts and camping) are serviced on a daily basis by our housekeeping team. Please remember that whilst bed linen is supplied in some accommodation you will still need to bring towels. If you are in tents on the ground you will need to bring your own mattresses and linen. Any problems with the accommodation must be reported to the reception on arrival. Many of our guests begin their activities early in the morning, please respect this and keep noise to a minimum after 21H00.
Laundry: There is no laundry service available.

Driving/parking. The speed limit in the resort is 15kmp/h. Please park only in the designated areas in the resort (do not park in the roads or on the grass). In case of any problems with parking, please contact the reception or the resort manager as soon as possible. Please note, that driving and parking on the beach is not allowed in Southern Mozambique, this includes the beach surrounding Malongane Beach Resort. We advise all guests to bring a spare set of keys for their vehicles as these can be easily lost overboard or in the sand.
Quad Bikes/ Bikes. All quad bikes, bikes, ATV’s must be parked in the secure bike parking area at the reception (unless taken by trailer to your accommodation). There is no driving of bikes allowed in the resort at any time. Please note: Driving on the beach in Mozambique is illegal.

Casual staff. It is possible to hire casual staff to assist you. Check at reception for available help on arrival. Please ensure that you negotiate a wage beforehand, casual workers are from the community and are not part of our team, we are not responsible for them. Casual workers are forbidden to work between 18H00-06H00. Malongane Beach Resort reserves the right of admission. Standard wage is R35 per day per casual but can be negotiated.
Security. Malongane Beach Resort has 24 hour security, however we the resort and its staff are unable to take responsibility for any stolen or damaged goods during your stay with us. Malongane Beach Resort reserves the right of admission at all times.

Border transfers. We provide a border transfer service for people who wish to leave their vehicles at the border. There is a secure parking lot for this purpose at approximately R40 per vehicle per day. All border transfers have to be paid on arrival at the border to the driver of the vehicle. Border transfers are done from the Kosi Bay Border only. All late/non-arrivals will be charged in full.

  • Pick up times are 10H00 & 14H00.
  • Drop off times are 09H00 & 13H00.
    • Vehicles will only wait at the border for a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • Please note if you do not arrive on time and a vehicle should return for your transfer, you will be charged double your border transfers.


Q15. When is the best diving time?

The diving is pretty good all year round, however the best months are March to June, when the water temperature is around 24-26c and attracts many fish to our reefs. The visibility is better than in other months around 20m+.
November to February is also worth diving in with the warmest water around 28-30c (February is hottest).
Even July to September when the water is cold, (but still 20-23c!) the visibility is not as good as in the summer months, but there is still a lot of marine life on our reefs.